Informants of the Stasi: A Look at the Garton Ash Text


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Informants of the Stasi: A Look at the Garton Ash Text
The East German State Security police was famous for working through large networks of unofficial collaborators. The question that must be asked is why anyone would associate with the
; what might motivate someone to do such a thing? When all is said and done, people joined the
as informants and as collaborators because they wanted to get ahead professionally (this appears to be the case with Michaela) and because they were motivated, in some way, by a sort of ideological fidelity to the socialist cause. In a lot of other instances, people did what they did because they were frightened by the
and wanted to simply avoid any of the entanglements that might thwart people...
The end: along interesting gossip that would be treated as something of interest – but not as something that might destroy lives.
To end, it is plain that the East German State Security Police had many ways for getting people to snitch on others; the people who joined with the
did the things they did because they were ideologically idealistic, because they were selfish, because they were afraid, and maybe because they wanted the power that they accumulated by being a member of the secret police’s network of spies and informants. When all is said and done, to be a member of the
network was all about giving up one’s soul – almost for nothing.
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