Informal Memo – Phoenix Advertising Productivity Improvement Plan


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Informal Memo – Phoenix Advertising Productivity Improvement Plan
Interoffice Memorandum
Date: November 12, 2009
To: Gregory S. Forest, Vice-Presidents, Brandon Mills, Roanoke Store Management, Roanoke HR team
From: Charlotte
, Vice President, Human Resources Management
Subject: Implementation of Workforce Improvement Plan
I am greatly encouraged that you have given the go-ahead for this workforce improvement plan. Here are my recommendations, in order of critical need:
Review of Current Positions
Estimated Time to Complete: 21 Days
I suggest each member of senior management coordinate two hours each week over the next three weeks to review the open positions for discrepancies. They should review open positions...
The end:
..... their “home” departments for two weeks will only cause potential disruptions and delays.
HR will compile a “swapping” schedule for the employees to be distributed, likely toward the end of the second quarter of 2010. It will be attached to employees’ paychecks, and will give them the options of which department they wish to swap with, and what timeframe they would like to make their swap. They will also be given a list of preferred assignments. The Senior HRM will create a schedule for swapping as the filled forms come in.
I believe this timetable and division of labor is the best way to implement this plan in order to meet the target of increasing production by the third quarter of 2010. I greatly look forward to your responses and input.