Influence of the Taarab in Swahili Society


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Musical Versus Poetic Identity: An Analysis of the Conflicting Multicultural Stylistic Influences in the Music of the Taarab and of the National Identity of Poetry in Swahili Culture
The primary influence of the taarab in Swahili society will be analyzed to define its multicultural roots as a form of international identity in African culture. The complexity of the taarab’s origins as an Indian, Arabic, and Western source of musical identity detail the variations of musical influence that are used within Swahili music. However, the language and the local variations of this musical form provide evidence that it has become a unique way of building a national identity in African culture through poetry in the East African taarab. By examining...
The end: that accompany this style. This is why the Swahili taarab is multicultural in its music, yet it has a strong nationalistic and cultural identity through Swahili poetry as a means of communicating its traditions and deviations from Muslim orthodoxy.
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