Influence of Ritual in the Greek Lifestyle


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Influence of Ritual in the Greek Lifestyle
The Greek religion is something that people study to get a sense of Greek culture and history. In fact, the “Greek Religion” isn’t really a religion in the traditional sense that you or I know it. It was a way of life, and one deeply imbedded in the Greek identity. Religion and religious beliefs transcended going to Church or Temple. Being religious meant respecting truths, and obeying parts of society and occasions that transcended medicine, politics, social ties and culture itself. Greeks used elaborate practices and rituals to satisfy many parts of their life, and this portion of Greek life served as a bridge from the mundane to the holy. The Greek’s beliefs in the power of ritual comes from...
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.....nd the divine.
Ritual was a huge part of a Greek citizen’s identity. The politics of religion went hand in hand with the culture, community, commerce and identity of the Greek people. Ritual in religion was a hugely poignant part of the Greek identity. Ritual was an element of religion and lifestyle that a Greek could complete as an everyday human being, and who wanted everyday things. Ritual would do two major things within the Greek lifestyle- show a relationship with the gods and elevate their lives to something more communal and spiritual.
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