Infant Assessment and Culture


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Infant Assessment and Culture
2. Group Process
My contribution was to decide on a specific infant and to consider various cultures such as Chinese and Muslim. I also had to determine how exactly certain issues would be treated by different cultures but I worked cooperatively with the group on that problem. I presented the ideas to the group in a general way. Although I developed the ideas, I did not try to control them. The group members then decided on different examples of culture and issues they thought would be most appropriate. I suggested that we should figure out which issues should have priority. I felt that breastfeeding is always an important culture issue and presented that idea to the group. I supported the ideas that other...
The end:
.....epend on it. Nurses need to provide developmentally appropriate nursing care (Potter & Perry, 2009). It is only possible to assess the infant’s needs by means of a very organized and systematic approach. The developmental approach allows the assessment to be approached holistically.
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