Individual Differences: A Wonderful Foil for Reflexive Analysis


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Individual Differences: A Wonderful Foil for Reflexive Analysis
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January 19, 2012
The topic of individual differences provides a wonderful foil for reflexive analysis. The fact that I am considered a guardian aligns well to my family. We are an extremely close family and remain quite family-oriented. Thankfully, my parents are still alive and I check in on them every day. At times, I am definitely in a teacher role with them, instructing them on how to use a mobile phone, the PC, or the other trappings of modernity. Kiersey (1998) argued that "teachers take communication for granted and believe that they are instinctively understood and that their communications are naturally accepted" (p. 151)....
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.....ardian, such as being regarded as a de facto cornerstone of society. This is a lofty description for me to truly accept about my profile. I certainly do aim to be a productive and helpful member of society generally but I am not certain that I am truly so exalted. Yet, I have tried to take these exercises and use them to better myself so that I can perhaps become a true exemplar of the best characteristics described by experts in the fields of learning.
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