In Sync with Jesus


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The beginning:
In Sync with Jesus
It was bound to happen. After many years of uproar about the so-called “Satanic” nature of modern music, especially Rock bands like the Grateful Dead and The Rolling Stones, there has been an upsurge in so-called “Christian” music. This trend may have started with more or less “pop” type of music, featuring singers like Amy Grant. But in recent years, actual rock and even “punk” bands have been formed under Christian music labels.
Christian music, including “rock” is no longer an isolated genre. It has become big business: “At one time the Christian rock scene was a cultural ghetto….but now Christian rock is big and loud......Christian rock traces its roots to the Jesus movement of the 1970’s” (Powell, 2002 p. 21).
The end:
.....amily friendly summer concert is joining with churches and radio stations around the country including large market stations such as WBFJ in Winston Salem, NC, WVFJ- Atlanta, GA and KWND in Springfield, MO. Tickets are being sold for a convenient $5 at the door.
The tour dates lead up to Building 429’s World Vision mission trip to Uganda this July where the band will be performing to approximately 30,000 people in Rwanda with Andrew Palau of the Luis Palau Association. The band will continue their tour with World Vision in August for 15 dates across Canada.
The Christian Century 119.26 (Dec 18, 2002): p20(7). (3317 words)
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Mark Allan Powell.
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