In Support of the Tiger Mother


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In Support of the Tiger Mother
There are many different ways to parent a child. In studying education and psychology, this has certainly been revealed. Still, in Amy Chua’s experience, there is really only one way that will get results. Amy Chua, Yale Law Professor and author of Battle Hymn for the Tiger Mother, recounts the long road of raising her daughters, and how through an unparalleled strictness, she made them into successful young women. In this way, the “Tiger Mother” methodology seems to buck American standards of child rearing, and use extremist, though psychologically viable methods of teaching and disciplining children. It is a good method, albeit extreme, and one that should be utilized to some degree, especially in terms of...
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.....s one of severity, it is one that resonates in people and shows psychologically and educationally, how discipline results in success. It can be done in China, it can be done in America, and it can be done anywhere.
The Tiger Mother does what she does out of love. It is want for children’s success that she raised them how she did, the way her parents raised her. She is creating the champions of tomorrow, and it shows. The results of the “Tiger Mother” can also be seen internationally- China and their methods far usurp American educational methods. If America wants to catch up, they should be more like China and Chua. Though sometimes extreme, the idea and implementation of the “Tiger Mother” is beneficial on educational and political levels.