In Defense of an Authoritative Parenting Style


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In Defense of an Authoritative Parenting Style
Introduction and Situation Overview
One of the key problems that many couples face when they have children is to figure out, as a parenting “unit” how to best raise their child: an overall strategy, if you will, to help the little person navigate his way through life, guiding where appropriate and disciplining when necessary. If the two parents agree on a childrearing style, all the better, because then they can pretty much be consistent with the manner and level in which to discipline the child; but what about if the parents don’t agree? What if one parent, for example the father, thinks a more authoritative style of parenting is best and the other, the mother, believes that a more permissive...
The end:
.....utrition, exercise and dietary habits is yet another reason to parent authoritatively. I don’t want a fat kid. I don’t think my wife does either. It is clear that some of the conflict here is a personality difference between my wife and me, she is a softy and I’m not, but I am confident that with a bit of prodding and understanding of the ramifications of parenting too permissively, my wife will see the light of day and start disciplining our son so he grows up to be well-adjusted, well-behaved, academically successful -- and skinny.
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