Improving Social Determinants of Health


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Improving Social Determinants of Health
The two main means for improving the quality of the social determinants of health are education and knowledge dissemination. This means in part making people aware that even though they struggle to have control over their health the dominant liberal ideology is working against them. People are concerned with health and need to know there is an alternative message to the lifestyle discourse and the biomedical model which public health workers can provide (Raphael 2008). In order to promote knowledge about the social determinants of health and convert them into policy and practice, the participation of researchers, policy-makers, all health providers as well as the public is required. Another related...
The end:
.....ich public policy will be implemented (Raphael, 2009). Public health and community nurses need, along with doing research and providing knowledge, to advocate for more equitable public policy. It would be a very effective action is the community can build a social movement which can pressure the government to undertake beneficial policy change (Raphael, 2008). Action must be taken at the widest level and involve many associations.
Raphael, D. (2009). Reducing social and health inequalities requires building social and political movements. Humanity and Society, 33, (1/2), 145-165.
Raphael, D. (2008). Getting serious about health: New directions for Canadian public health researchers and workers. Promotion and Education, 15, 15-20.