Improving My English Writing Skills


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The beginning:
Improving My English Writing Skills
I was born in Iran, and English is my second language. My acquisition of English, while far from perfect, is nevertheless an ongoing project that I have been working at improving for the past seven years since I moved to the United States. My attempts to improve my writing have involved taking several classes in composition, use of English in my math and engineering studies as well as acquiring the language through learning distance courses by computer.
While the rules of writing in English can appear difficult from the perspective of an immigrant such as myself, some may say that it pales in comparison to learning my own native language, Farsi. I have begun taking classes in English composition that...
The end: things I struggled with that I missed during class.
In conclusion, I was able to improve my writing by first taking classes in composition that were vital in showing me the basic rules of writing sentences and grasping the basic elements of grammar in English. The next involved learning math in a way that incorporated vocabulary banks which gave me an important base of words to remember and use in my studies for math. This also gave me the ability to use sentence frames that helped me learn using sentences in English that were grammatically correct. Finally, distance learning by computer offered me important advantages that provided me with ways to improve my writing skills in an environment in a supportive, distraction-free environment.