Importance of Plate Mail Armor for the Knight in Medieval Warfare


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The beginning:
An Analysis of the Importance of Plate Mail Armor for the Knight in Medieval Warfare
II.The Knight’s Plate Mail Armor
A.A Description of the Knight’s Armor.
1.The helmet, gorget, pauldrons, couters, a cuirasss, gauntlets, and plate mail skirt.
B.The protection of the body parts of the knight in armor.
III.The Historical Importance of Plate Mail Armor in Medieval battle.
A.The use of armor changes the power structure of battlefield.
1.The Knight in the feudal era.
2.The monetary wealth of knights to afford plate mail armor.
IV.The Armored Knight as “Modern Day” Tank.
A.The knight in armor needed his horse to be effective on battlefield.
B.Imposed a major threat to foot soldiers, archers, and unhorsed combatants....
The end:
.....ined the role of the knight and of his armor that gave him distinct advantages when fighting men of lesser rank, social status, and monetary wealth during this historical period.
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