Importance of Myth Ritual Theory in Understanding Interactive Traditions in Folklore


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An Analysis of the Importance of Myth Ritual Theory as a Socially Interactive Principle of Fieldwork in Applied Folklore
This study of applied folklore will examine why the Myth-Ritual Theory is important to me as a way to find socially binding ways in which to understand interactive traditions in differing folklores. The premise of ritual sets the foundation for a socially interactive way in which people bind together in folkloric tradition, rather than them being analyzed through rigid historical documentation or other materialist observations. For me, the foundation of ritual in myth is vital to understanding another perspective that binds social groups together in a living tradition in oral tradition, rather than historical...
The end:
.....torytelling. While historical views and the analysis of documentation are certainly necessary to better understand the myth in today’s world, the growing importance of socially connectedness and interaction are more important ways for me to better understand and utilize applied folklore. In my everyday life, I cherish the idea of interviewing and investigating various myths and folktales through the Ritual Myth context so that I can have a direct and objective way to record and understand the myths that drive human beings throughout the world.
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