Importance of Educational Diversity for Teachers in the Film “Dangerous Minds”


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Inclusive Teaching: Defining the Importance of Educational Diversity for Teachers in the Classroom in the Film Dangerous Minds (1995)
This educational paper will describe the various teaching methods used for teaching diversity in the classroom in the film Dangerous Minds by John N. Smith. Through concepts such as inclusive teaching, LouAnne Johnson (Michelle Pfeiffer) adapts and accepts the street language used by African Americans and Latinos in a lower class gang culture. Through accepting their language, she breaks through the class barriers and discovers the entrenched identities of young people that have been marginalized and criminalized in America society. By becoming one of the students and thinking from their perspective, Johnson...
The end:
..... candy bars. While seemingly insignificant, the candy bars provide a vital incentive to see the connection between education and financial empowerment. In these ways, the concept of inclusive teaching in diversity education allows Johnson’s students to see a powerful sense of identity and racial respect that increases lessons comprehension in the classroom.
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