Implementing a Community-based Health Program for Overweight Youth


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Implementing a Community-based Health Program for Overweight Children and Adolescents in a Lower Socioeconomic Environment
Obesity has become an epidemic among children and young adults in the United States over the past two decades. This is especially true in communities that have a lower socioeconomic status and a greater diversity of ethnic populations. In order to better the future for these populations, a health education, wellness, and prevention program needs to be implemented that will assist these at risk children and adolescents in learning how to make social changes in behaviors that are non-conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Recent studies indicate that the two prevalent areas that contribute to obesity in these populations are...
The end:
.....m is to involve community leaders, find out what their needs are, assess those needs, and begin as a grassroots effort. Public funding is available on many levels to finance such a program. Enlisting the help of the young people for whom the program is designed provides a sense of ownership that will help guarantee the program’s success.
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