Implementation of Extreme Unlimited’s Business Plan


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The beginning:
Implementation of Extreme Unlimited's (XU) Business Plan
This paper shall present a framework for the company, Extreme Unlimited, to follow to implement its business execution strategy.
Implementation Strategy
Once a start-up company has composed and adequately refined a business plan, company management must be ready to execute the strategy defined within the plan. Successful implementation of the various functional needs and expressed tactics greatly affects the likelihood of long-term enterprise success. At Extreme Unlimited (XU), there are a number of areas that need to be addressed in order to effectively introduce the retail store to the general public. The mission behind XU as a multi-product provider that recognizes that...
The end:
.....iness off the ground. As investment acquisition provides the means by which all the other objectives can be fulfilled, management must work on the finalized business plan and ready themselves for its presentation to potential investors. The sooner the business plan is completed, the sooner financing can occur, followed by store location selection, inventory purchasing and initial marketing expenditures.
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