Impact of Unemployment and Underemployment on our Canadian Society


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Impact of Unemployment and Underemployment on our Canadian Society
This paper looks at the impact of unemployment and under-employment upon our Canadian society. The essay begins by looking at how unemployment can be linked – though not always as clearly as one might expect – to suicide ideation and commission. The paper also explores how unemployment can lead to lives being turned upside down in such a way that material and financial difficulties are accompanied by the decomposition of domestic relationships and by personal feelings of inadequacy and humiliation. Additionally, the research paper discusses how unemployment, and under-employment, can result in Canadians retreating from the use of health services that exist to protect them...
The end:
.....ce who are obliged to survive on less. To address this issue, the federal and provincial governments must renew their commitment to improving the quality and the quantity of jobs. Important first steps would be to put employment back on the political agenda, and to ensure that job creation and job quality are integral parts of any strategy to reduce the national deficit.
This the fourth in a series of Perception articles by Grant Schellenberg on employment. "The pros and cons of temporary employment" appeared in the November 1994 issue (Vol. 18, No.2).
Grant Schellenberg is a researcher with the Centre for International Statistics at the CCSD.
Canadian Council on Social Development, 190 O'Connor Street, Suite 100, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 2R3