Impact of Technology on Society Paper: The Impact of Electricity


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Impact of Technology on Society Paper: The Impact of Electricity
There should be little question that a single technology or type of technology can dramatically change or transform how a society functions socially, economically, and politically; it can also dramatically impact the health and welfare of a society or the environment. Electricity, by giving humanity master over light (and, by essence, time, to the extent that it made it possible for night to become day), is one of those rare technologies that has changed our lives utterly. Over the next several pages, this paper will look at what the technology is and how it works; the paper will also explore how society functioned prior to the wide-spread use of the technology...
The end: entities, regulation of political financing and third-party advertising, mandatory reporting of campaign contributions and spending, and other rules central to maintaining due restraint and visibility within the electoral process.
From its origins as a privilege of the propertied class, the vote has become a universal right of Canadian citizenship. As we will see, the road to universal suffrage was not without bumps and detours. Moreover, like its counterparts elsewhere, Canada's democratic system continues to evolve toward the goal of ensuring that all citizens can exercise their right to vote. Each generation faces anew the task of shaping institutions and adjusting processes to serve Canadians and reflect their values and aspirations.