Impact of American Unilateralism and Globalization Policies in “A New Realism


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An Analysis of the Efficacy of the Problematic Societal Impact of American Unilateralism and Globalization Policies in “A New Realism: Crafting a U.S. Foreign Policy for a New Century” by Bill Richardson 
The major arguments brought forth by Bill Richardson on the current state of U.S policy regarding social impact of the environment is a well founded problem with current governmental systems. This type of social impact defines the ways in which natural resources (such nuclear power plants) are not being protected or regulated in the face of an increasingly militarization of the world via American current terrorist policies. These social behaviors often involve the unilateral and militaristic patterns of the U.S. government, which are not...
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.....sion, poor environmentalist policies, and reducing terrorism by greater global agreements that benefit the world, rather than just the United States as a unilateral power. 
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