Immigration and Canadian Housing Markets


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The beginning:
Immigration and Canadian Housing Markets
This essay will examine the social shifts that link immigration and housing issues, and endeavour to demonstrate that despite the country’s welcoming stance towards immigrants from around the world, there is still endemic discrimination which acts to prevent immigrants from finding a true home in Canada. The essay will concentrate on the experiences of women immigrants and their families.
The essay will include:
An outline of the reasons for Canada’s increase in immigration and the financial challenges faced by immigrant women
A detailed analysis of why housing is limited in Canada and why women immigrants have limited access to existing housing opportunities
An assessment of the cultural...
The end:
.....on on social services response to Bill 106.
United Nations (2009). Report of the Special Rapporteur on
adequate housing , ed. Miloon Kothari. Based on Mission to Canada 9-22 October, 2007. Retrieved 9 March 2010 from
Speech given by the UN representative on Canada’s homeless situation.
Vosko, Leah F. Rethinking Feminization: Gendered
Precariousness in the Canadian Labour Market and the Crisis in Social Reproduction. Monograph prepared for the Annual Robart’s Lecture. Toronto: John P. Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, 2002.
Vosko exposes some startling statistics about the average immigrant worker in Canada, and what challenges immigrants face in obtaining secure jobs in this country.