Images have Replaced Words in the American Culture


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The beginning:
Images have Replaced Words in the American Culture
The September 2001 acts of terrorists are images that will remain with most Americans as they see the burning of the Twin Towers and the tragic death of many Americans (Rosen). The televised images of the horrible event affected many Americans that would not have the same effect if the story had been written only in newspapers with words. Images are part of the American culture because images last longer, images affect emotions, and the sense of sight is the strongest sense.
The first reason that the American culture is replacing images for words is that images leave lasting impressions. For example, the images of the terrorist destroying the Twin Towers is etched in the memories of...
The end:
..... strong reason is that images on television are often remembered over words in a newspaper. The sense of sight is stronger than other senses making images easier to remember. Many images affect the emotion of what they see. The images of September 11th and Hurricane Katrina will remain in the memories of many Americans. If a person could see a picture of a beautiful woman or read the description of the woman, which would be chosen?
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