Ideology and the Communication of Culture


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Ideology and the Communication of Culture
The consistent push and pull of opposing forces of hegemony and counter hegemony shape culture and communication. The instant that a certain culture creates and validates its mores, a reaction is formed to those very formations. This enables society to shift its ideological values over time, to better fit the evolving needs of humanity. The means through which this oppositional necessity is achieved is through the act of communication. The transmission of culture exists through communication. Yet both culture and communication are relative constructs. The meaning of both terms is subject to the relative social matrix in which these terms exist. Divergent cultures transmit their cultures through...
The end:
.....ion. Ideology becomes the lens through which cultures understand the communication. This understanding shapes the culture that receives the communication, as well as the culture that transmits it. It is governed by a dualistic tension that is provided by hegemonic and counter hegemonic forces as diverse cultures continue to shape themselves and other cultures over time. This result of this perpetual process is never fixed, but always in flux. This result is defined as culture.
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