Identity Issues in Chris Garbutt’s “Asking For Directions”


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Identity Issues in Chris Garbutt’s “Asking For Directions”
Chris Garbutt’s essay is a good hearted exploration of identity issues in a modern gender malaise. It is an odd sort of exploration insofar as the writer is not much interested in socializing with other men, while trying to understand his own behavior as a male. This is a twee way of avoiding hard questions while trying to remaining likable and perspective-free.
It is difficult to miss the sad fact that Garbutt is entrenching himself in a debate he cannot make himself an important part of. Though he admits freely that women dominate the gender debate, he does not open up about how useless the debate is. No one outside academic or government institutions even pretends to think these...
The end: about men, and a slimy thing to do. Men who were funny and handsome and charming did not become less desirable to women. Radical feminism did not create any sustained wave of lesbianism that any funny or handsome or charming heterosexual man would have even noticed. It does not follow that men would have to peg their identity issues on female approval.
Garbutt is not being evil or bad in this essay where he explores his male identity crisis, but it seems to be old fashioned and literalist. It seems also aggressively unsexy, insofar as his referring to himself to his date as a pro-feminist is assuming she has that kind prejudicial filter. His behavior in that setting is a kind of hostile blamelessness, which is the opposite of flirtation.