Ideal Business Model Recommendations


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December 15, 2010
Ideal Business Model Recommendations
The legal formation of the business entity is dependent upon many different factors. To make the best fit possible, the first decision made must be in the ownership of the business industry. A significant decision involves group ownership, partnership, or sole ownership. If one person is going to want complete ownership of the business, it will require entirely different entity choices than if the business is going to have more than one owner.
Having one owner has advantages, and disadvantages. The benefit most clearly gained is “the simplicity in formation and the informality in management” (
14). This makes it possible to make instant...
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.....n, which does not allow profits to be provided to the shareholders. This is often minimized by high salaries that are paid for the directors for the operations of the organization.
The selection process for the best organizational entity for any business must be selected initially based on the model for the business, given the previously mentioned criteria.
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