ICU Nurses’ Oral-Care Practices and the Current Best Evidence


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The beginning:
ICU Nurses' Oral-Care Practices and the Current Best Evidence
Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 2009
By Freda DeKeyser Ganz, Naomi Farkash Fink, Ofra Raanan, Miriam Asher, Madeline Bruttin, Maureen Ben Nun, and Julie Benbinishty.
1. Research problem statement:
Are the current oral care practices of ICU nurses aligned with contemporary models of evidence based practice?
The findings have a directly relevant and tremendously significant impact on nursing, as studies have shown a great correlation between oral-care examinations in the ICU. Berry et al have established, “The vulnerability of ICU patients to nosocomial infections underscores the importance of examining interventions and strategies to improve patients’ outcomes” (Am J Crit Care,...
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