Hybrid Forms in Contemporary Art


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Hybrid Forms in Contemporary Art
In many ways the history and trajectory of contemporary art can be understood through the development and use of hybrid forms. Contemporary art and postmodernism are both often discussed in terms of a reliance on the artist's appropriation of existing forms as they strive to create original work or produce a statement about the impossibility of originality in the modern world. As can be seen in so many examples, hybrid forms are created from numerous sources, both within and outside conventional notions of what is considered art, and may bear little resemblance to other examples of hybrid art, allowing some of them to pass as conventional works to the uninitiated viewer.
One venerable example of hybrid art...
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.....transient, ephemeral event to be archived and viewed by people in different places at different times.
On a more basic level The Singing Sculpture is a hybrid of performative and sculptural modes of art production. With their metallic makeup and suits, the two men resemble lifelike statues until they begin to sing and move. Using traditional definitions of art media, this shifts the work from sculpture (static) to performance (kinetic). However, the still photographs of the performance are once again static, returning the performance to a single image that lacks the time-based element of film and live performance.
A third instance of hybrid art is a work that may not appear to be a hybrid at all because of its conventional use of art media.