Humans and Technology in Science Fiction


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The beginning:
Humans and Technology in Science Fiction
This paper will look at the human problems and human solutions in the science fiction texts. The analysis is based on T. Sturgeon’s definition of science fiction as a “story built around human beings, with a human problem and a human solution, which would not have happened at all without its scientific content”. Technology can be easily added to Sturgeon’s science since technology and its developments, while based on science, influence human lives more directly than pure science. The paper will argue that science and technology re-shape and redefine old human problems and their solutions. The argument will be based on three science fiction short stories: William Gibson’s “Johnny Mnemonic”, Arthur C....
The end:
.....n science and technology and hopes that the two will help humanity conquer not only the stars but old superstitions as well. However, his priest alone can solve his inner conflict, there is no science that can help him.
Clarke’s optimism is in a stark contrast with
and Gibson’s pessimism. But despite the difference, all stories deal with society, human beings and their problems. In each case, science and technology emphasise these problems but the solutions are ultimately human.
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