Human Resources Considerations in Japan


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Human Resources Considerations in Japan
Performance Appraisal and Evaluation Considerations
Performance appraisal and evaluation considerations which I would recommend for EADS would be steeped heavily in an emic approach to Japanese culture. Aldakhilallah and Parente (2002) argued that “Performance appraisal may be defined as a process that evaluates the performance of an employee and generates information about employees’ effectiveness and efficiency at work” (p. 40). Yet, this basic definition of how performance appraisals may be carried out might not take into consideration approaches which could work better for EADS.
Modern Japanese culture is highly work oriented. Corporate employees are quite a bit more dedicated to the success of...
The end:
....., mid-career professionals would be making a career change which they would likely prefer to be their last before retirement. A certain amount of effort would need to be put forward to show these employees that they were choosing a company which was going to stand by them and offer them a long lasting work environment. Performance appraisal would also need to be based on such cultural awareness.
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