Human Resources Careers


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Human Resources Careers
Human resources professionals now do far more than hiring, firing and overseeing employee concerns in many businesses: “increasingly they consult with top executives regarding strategic planning” (“Human resources” 2010, p. 1). As this article points out, Human Resources is moving far beyond being a “personnel department.” However, it is still a “people” profession.
Depending on the size of the company, Human Resources professionals go well beyond even the training and morale part of their overall assignments. The article explains the various departments which fall under a director of Human Resources, which include those who look after employment and placement, others in charge of training, and still overs who...
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.....held by HR professionals. The future looks brighter in terms of increases in employment than for any other professions: “Overall employment is projected to grow by 22 percent, much faster than the Average for all occupations” (p. 5). The article also states that while Human resources specialties will be in greater demand in the future, there will be consulting services organized to offer these HR services to smaller and medium-sized businesses who cannot afford to have their own permanent HR departments. While the article points out a number of allied professions, it is clear that HR is definitely expanding into more and more strategic areas wherever the welfare, loyalty, benefits improved skills and integrity of the workforce is concerned.