Human Resource Management in Long-Term Care


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The beginning:
Human Resource Management in Long-Term Care
This paper is used to describe and to discuss the different roles and processes utilized by human resources managers in long-term nursing care. The areas under discussion include the need for job analysis and its effects for any health care organization, and determining staffing mix and staffing levels. In addition, the topics of regular performance appraisal completion and performance reviews unrelated to financial compensation in the writer’s work place are discussed.
In the end, it appears that many of the roles and resources found in human resources management for long-term nursing care are roles and resources that are put into place for self-evident reasons. Not least of all, human resource...
The end:
.....ere is a general sense that such rewards are inappropriate: workers should want to grow because that is their job and not because they want merely to make a bit extra money.
To close, this essay looks at the different roles and processes maintained by human resource managers in long-term care. The paper suggests that the roles and processes are really the same as one would find anywhere else in the professional world except that the context is rather different.
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