Human Brutality in Modern History as Influence by Holocaust on Literature and Art


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Research Essay Proposal 
As one of the most absolute examples of human brutality in modern history, the Holocaust has had a significant influence on literature and art.  Autobiographical works such as those from Anne Frank and Primo Levi are some of the most famous literary works by Holocaust survivors.  Art portraying the holocaust first came in the form of works by inmates on concentration camp walls and in the ghettos.  Today, the Holocaust has been the subject of many films, including Schindler’s List, The Pianist, Shoah, and Life is Beautiful.  
This research essay will examine two books that share the same theme of the Holocaust.  “I was a child of Holocaust survivors,” by Bernice Eisenstein and “We are on our own,” by Miriam Katin...
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.....t times and story lines as effectively.
Historically, writing and prose have been the principal method for story-telling.  However, a resurgence of utilizing images instead has emerged, particularly images in sequential form. As the previous research has indicated, words are not always the superior form for conveying a message.  Miriam Katin’s, “We are on our own,” proved that employing illustrations to narrate a story may sometimes be more effective than just using words. 
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