How to Write an Essay


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How to Write an Essay
Writing an essay requires both commitment and focus, and a sense of what needs to be communicated in order to prove one’s point. Always make sure that you begin preparing for your essay plenty of time in advance. This will ensure that you give enough time for each step necessary to achieving your goal.
Once a thesis, or central idea, is decided upon, your next step is to research the topic. If one were to write on King Lear by Shakespeare, for example, in addition to the text itself one would benefit from reading articles and books which provide the critical context and analysis to delve deeply into the themes in the play. Google Scholar can provide a good first step to locate leading opinions, as can a University of...
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.....h source in the annotated bibliography begins with a list of the document, created according to the appropriate citation style (APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.) recommended by your instructor. This is followed by a brief description of the source to demonstrate that you have read and also thoroughly understand the source. In addition, you must include details on why you believe that this source is one that should be considered when analyzing the topic you have chosen, and why this particular author should be included as an expert. You may also note whether or not you believe that this author is biased in any way. An annotated bibliography usually runs from a third to a half of a page in length, depending on the requirements noted by your professor.