How to Respect Power is Socialization


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How to Respect Power is Socialization
Socialization is the study of becoming the culture of your environment. We are born without culture. People are born with the needs of the mammal. Socialization is how the person reacts. In different cultures, there are certain different reactions to different situations.
There are different cultures with different ways that families work together and respect one another. These different ways of respect are very important to each different culture. How you are taught how to respect power is socialization.
It is sometimes difficult to know what
is a socialized reaction
and what is a personal reaction. Socialization is the study of people in society, but there is a way to be social and there is a way to...
The end:
.....her life. The way a child relates to grandparent is an important part of knowing how to relate to the venerable people in society.
The way people understand the world and have a relationship with it. The person and the environment always change. The study of these changes is sociology.
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