How to Make an Authentic Submarine Sandwich


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English 123
21 November 2010
How to Make an Authentic Submarine Sandwich
The most reliable way to get an authentic submarine sandwich is to make one at home. A trip to Subway is often met with disappointment: one of the reasons that Subway sandwiches have lesser calories is that their main ingredient is air. The first principle of making an authentic submarine sandwich is that it should be substantial. If a submarine sandwich is to be made, satiety is the objective not dieting. Thus, the selection of ingredients should be liberal.
An authentic submarine sandwich is only made with two types of bread rolls: French or Italian. Finding these rolls may not be the easiest task....
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.....t way through the toasting process. This will allow the meat and roll to roast and toast prior to the cheese melting; the melting of cheese takes far less time and is thus the final step of this sub-phase.
Once these preparations are complete, condiments can be spread liberally on the bread. Salt and pepper may also be added at this time as the grains can stick well to the condiments. Layering should happen with veggies on top of the condiments and then the meat and/or cheese. Once all these steps are complete, the roll should be closed and sliced as per desired. For a party, one roll may be sliced into a number of smaller pieces. For the individual, a roll can be sliced as per discretion which is usually in half or not at all.
Bon appétit!