How to Handle the Situation in Westchester Distribution, Inc.


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How to Handle the Situation in Westchester Distribution, Inc.
Business has its fair share of bumps along the road. That is the nature of the beast. Yet, there are some issues that have more serious consequences than others. For example, the current case with Westchester Distribution, Inc. involves the possibility of employees acting inappropriately to sell more cases of beer, hoping to then get rewards for salesmanship. Now, the company has some tough decisions to make regarding how to handle the situation with the internal employees and how to approach the regulatory board which governs the sale of alcoholic beverages in the state of California.
In this particular case, there were several major players. First, there was Wilson Moon, the...
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..... 250,000 cases annually (Van Buren 1992). Thus, it would be a detrimental occurrence to have sales operations shut down for forty five days. Consequences from the state regulatory boards prove the most detrimental in this case.
Yet, there is also the issue of maintaining a positive image within the eyes of the consumer base. The company had a stellar record of excellent customer service. Since its inception, owner Vince Patton engrained high quality customer service into the very foundation of the business. Thus, any negative customer relations would help to tarnish that excellent record, and may be looked down upon by other potential customers.
Van Buren, Cornelius. (1992). Westchester Distributing, Inc. Harvard Business School.