How to Deal with Ethical Dilemmas


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How to Deal with Ethical Dilemmas
Decisions that are made in nursing practice often conflict with the nurses moral values and involve multiple ethical principles. In such cases, careful analysis of the ethical principles involved and strict adherence the healthcare organizations protocols for the situation have to be conducted. These ethical dilemmas provide a learning experience and enable nurses to learn how to deal with ethical dilemmas. The purpose of this paper is to provide a summary of a reflective analysis and to discuss the learning experience associated with it.
Mr. B was a 52 year old who was admitted for renal failure secondary to cocaine use. He had started dialysis two days ago. After a discussion with his...
The end:
..... the hospital protocol for refusal of care. It was a learning experience for me because I realized that the resolution to an ethical conflict may not be the morally correct decision that I would make. I also learned that the patient should be allowed to exercise their autonomy as long as they are capable of doing so and have been provided with adequate information by the healthcare team.
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