How to Approach the Clinical Situation from the Two Nursing Perspectives


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How to Approach the Clinical Situation from the Two Nursing Perspectives
A. Nursing from the Roy Adaptation Model
Strategies to be usedIn this case, the strategies to be used using the Roy Adaptation model is to assess the behavior of the patient and the factors in the case that influence the patient’s ability to adapt to his current medical condition. His medical condition is a cardiac tumor with dysrythmias and pacemaker placement. According to Nursing Theories (2010) the group identity mode for adaptation requires the focus to be on the spiritual and psychological and spiritual components of the human system. Strategies can be developed to help this patient’s adaptation to address his spiritual needs and assess his psychological status...
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.....ope with his medical diagnosis of a cardiac tumor which has a poor prognosis. This model can also be used to develop a strategy to deal with his spiritual needs that can alleviate some of his fears. The Newman model can be utilized to increase his consciousness about his condition reducing his knowledge deficit and also restore the relationship with his family and subsequently reduce his isolation.
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