How Nightingale Guides My Nursing Praxis


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How Nightingale Guides My Nursing Praxis
The theoretical framework of Florence Nightingale is useful in the practice of the nursing discipline. Florence Nightingale’s two concepts of chattering, hopes and advice and personal cleanliness will be applied to a case in a nursing practicum to guide my approach in nursing care for health promotion, health restoration, illness prevention and the interaction of the nurse and patient in a clinical experience. The paper will define the two concepts and will provide examples from the client’s situation by integrating the two concepts. The paper will also demonstrate how my nursing praxis corresponds to the client’s well-being and client centered care in accordance with the College of Nurses of...
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.....ears unkempt with a foul odor and escoriations all over his body from the bites of bed bugs. The patient is awake, alert and oriented to time, place and person. His heart rate is 76, blood pressure is 140/70 and has a respiratory rate of 20. He had an infected ulcer with necrotic edges on his right toe. Patient has reduced sensitivity to touch in both lower extremities up to the level of his mid-calf. Mr. B reports that he has been unable to check his blood sugar because he forgets. The health team decided that it was in the best interest of the patient to transfer him to a nursing home since he was unable to take care of himself. The patient was told by the health care professional that his toe may need to be amputated because of necrosis.