How Mis-En-Scene Functions in “Sunset Boulevard”


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How Mis-En-Scene Functions in "Sunset Boulevard"
So much goes into the making of a movie. There is the lighting sound, directing, stage picture, acting and writing. The mis-en-scene is a really important part of watching a film; as well Sunset Boulevard is a quintessential film that details the life of Joe Gillis, a struggling Hollywood screenwriter. The film is a classic film noir and the mis-en-scene plays a huge part in the film’s tone and overall, it’s success. Sunset Boulevard’s mis-en-scene crates it mood and makes it as famous as it is today.
Mis-en-scene itself is a phrase that means describes the design of a production. It can be for either stage or for theatre. Mis-en-scene for film can mean a lot of different things- the use of...
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.....illis’ dead body floating in the pool. The set design is Hollywood glamour meets mystery and darkness. Most of the film takes place in Nora’s gigantic mansion, so the fact that it needed to be designed according to the tone of the movie must’ve posed a significant challenge, but one that the set designer succeeded at.
Mis-en-scene is extremely important in making a successful film, and encompasses many elements that are key to filmmaking. Sunset Boulevard is dominated by dark colors, tight frames and garish designs to create a Hollywood classic noir. Things like costuming, framing and set design emphasize the mood and the tone. The mis-en-scene in Sunset Boulevard is a filmic triumph and creates a film noir tone that is truly unforgettable.