How Media Violence is Harmful to Children


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How Media Violence is Harmful to Children
Is media violence harmful to children who are exposed to it? The question has been controversial ever since it was first asked by psychologists in the 1950s, and competing studies have presented radically different conclusions. However, as long as one is conscientious about defining harm and refrains from overstating the causal link between media portrayals and the behavior of children, it is fairly uncontroversial that there is some form of correlation between the two.
The first step is defining harm. Parke and Slaby (1983), Singer and Singer (1981), Gentile (2003), and Groves (2003) have all operationalized harm as increased aggression, which is itself broken down into...
The end:
.....son, as opposed to an ideologue or pedant, the evidence is unambiguous.
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