How Historians Treat History: Abusing Historical Data


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How Historians Treat History: Abusing Historical Data
How historians treat history: abusing evidence in an effort to right old wrongs (that have been righted away)
The following paper looks at how historians treat history – for, as we know, feminist historians, Marxist historians and other historians with an ideological bent will treat the historical material in a way very different from the way someone with an objective lens will treat the historical material. In exploring how historians treat history, of course, we will explore how historical data can be abused by those who are advocates more so than they are historians. The ensuing paper will explore the manner in which Geraldine Hilton, a journalist, took the historical record and...
The end:
.....people to task. The tragedy of all of this is that, as outrageous and unprofessional as Hilton was and is, there will still be a sizable portion of the public that will find a reason to believe her.
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