How Global Warming Impacts Polar Bears of the Northern Arctic


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How Global Warming Impacts Polar Bears of the Northern Arctic
This paper will look at anthropogenic global warming and its impact upon the polar bears of the Northern Arctic. The essay will examine the extent of the problem, the role that humans are playing in the creation and aggravation of that problem, and what solutions exist to combat the problem. Overall, the polar bears are in a dangerous situation and no one can dispute the fact that many are pointing the finger at human activity; however, close reviews of the available data suggest that global warming is not so easy to pin on people – though some have tried. In any case, maybe what is needed is for the polar bear to be placed in an environment where it procreate without fear of...
The end:
.....fairly limited and that some loss is inevitable. Overall, human beings may or may not be able to impact the environment – but they are not able to reverse the phenomena that are gripping the arctic right now.
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