How Ecology and Religion are Interconnected


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How Ecology and Religion are Interconnected
At first glance the two concepts of the environment and religion seem to have little in common. Except for some Eastern religions and Wicca, which celebrate faith through nature and animism, traditional Western, Judeo-Christian theology and ecological conservation appear to be disparate disciplines of thought. However, two authors who have studied the interconnectedness between the two assert that there is a direct corollary insofar that religious faith affects how people feel toward their environment. The first author to be analyzed is Lynn White.
In his article White contends that, due to advances in science and technology, mankind’s worldview changed. This occurrence is most notable in the...
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.....rritories. However, his writing is 17 years old, and he could not have foreseen the outsourcing epidemic. He too, makes these same valid points as White, just with the addition of 30 years’ worth of witnessing new shifts in industy. What is most interesting about both of these articles is that the authors are just on the vanguard of change; the points are spot on, and each exhibits a prescience for the future.
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