How Do you Handle a Crisis?


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The beginning:
How do you handle a crisis?
This paper will discuss a hypothetical crisis this writer might encounter. The hypothetical crisis is the unexpected collapse of a marriage (purely hypothetical as the writer is un-married). The paper will essentially ponder what happened to the writer in the various stages, how the writer coped, what defence mechanisms were used, and who supported the individual during the crisis. A lot of the essay will be committed to showing how the four stages of crisis apply to the hypothetical situation.  In the final analysis, proactive problem-solving, sublimation and actively seeking out self-mastery are the best ways to handle such a crisis; it also helps to have a strong support team around. 
The shock phase of the...
The end:
.....cision-making (make the commitment to change your life); to embrace sublimation as a tool for making positive use of one’s negative energy; and to seek out a support staff of people who have been through it before. If these measures are taken, then the denial process can be shortened, the acknowledgement and adaptation stages can be enriched, and something good can come out of personal tragedies. At the same time, negative ego defence mechanisms can be overcome if people decide to go on the offensive against the problems they are encountering because of a crisis in life. In the end, it is all up to the person. 
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