How and Why Western Advertising Objectifies Women


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The beginning:
How and Why Western Advertising Objectifies Women
Anyone who has watched television or read magazines in the West is aware that women are commonly deployed to sell everything from beer to mutual funds, to the point that the image of a beautiful, semi-clothed woman is now synonymous with commerce. In this essay, I attempt to sketch a theory of objectification that explains why advertisers are so reliant on the image of women, and describes how they manipulate this image in order to bamboozle people into buying things. The largest purpose of the essay is to use insights from biology and neuroscience to explain the sexual politics of Western advertising. In terms of women’s studies, the significance of this essay is to explain...
The end:
.....empt made by men to render women docile, predictable, and sexual. The best that women can do is to understand why these attempts are made, and to take some encouragement from the fact that objectification proceeds from profound male weakness in the face of female reproductive strategy.
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