How America Lost its Edge, and How it Can Get it Back


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How America Lost its Edge, and How it Can Get it Back
Outsourcing Profitability: How America Lost its Edge, and How it Can Get it Back
A Review of Restoring American Competitiveness
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August 4, 2009
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Currently, the United States of America is experiencing an economic downturn. During the Bush administration, America enjoyed affluence in most sectors of its economy. Outsourcing the manufacture of products became an initially profitable way of competing in the global marketplace. Presently, however, the residual effects of outsourcing have left a country that manufactures very little. As the economic situation continues its downward trend, Harvard...
The end: that have fruitful research departments will eventually gain by positioning themselves as cutting-edge product creators. These cutting-edge products will be the profit makers of the future. Pisano and Shih have effectively identified the vitality of the formation of new ideas as the single most important aspect of establishing eventual profit for competitive companies.
Outsourcing has cut a gouge into the mountains of profitability that companies initially enjoyed. By applying a plan such as Pisano and Shih’s to business models in the future, the hope of a restored American economy will soon be possible.
Pisano, Gary P., Shih, Willy (Jul 01, 2009).Restoring American Competitiveness. Harvard Business Review , (July/August 2009)