How African-American Men are Treated in the American Legal System


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Excerpts from the Paper

The beginning:
How African-American Men are Treated in the American Legal System
How black men are treated in the legal system
Percentage behind bars
Comparison to other groups
Unwanted attention from police
Institutional racism
What factors or variables are associated with who gets involved in crime, why, and what happens to them in the criminal justice system?
Those who are poor and non-white are the likeliest candidates for criminal activity and the factors that lead them down this path are as follows:
Family factors
Skin colour
Environmental decay (bad neighbourhoods/environments)
Poor socializing agents/models/institutions
Why are black men so over-represented in the legal system?
Environmental and social factors (this section regurgitates points...
The end:
.....erpetuation” of economic hardship exacerbates the incarceration rates for young African-American males.
Trejos-Castillo, E., Vazsonyi, A.T., & Jenkins, D.D. (2008). Violent and criminal behaviours in rural and non-rural African American youth: A risk-protective factor approach. Southern Rural Sociology, 23(2), 108-130.
This article looks at the factors which cause African-American youth in rural and non-rural regions to engage in criminal activity. The paper looks at the role played by self-esteem, educational commitment, and educational expectations in making people prone to illegal conduct. Overall, how young people see themselves does appear to play a role in whether or not they will participate in violent or inappropriate behaviour.