How Advertising Affects Us


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How Advertising Affects Us
Advertising is one of the most pervasive industries on earth, driving consumption relentlessly as if people must consume all the time. Some people feel that the companies who push their brand without scruple or tact are not worth spending money on. The success of advertising, however, proves that advertising does pay dividends, and so advertisers advertise voraciously, raising ethical questions.
I believe that the way to stop too much consumption in the world is to know how the language of consumption works. Advertising language has a sound that our guts respond to. It is not ethical or even logical on the surface. The answer to understanding this consumption-producing use of language is satire.
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.....and their restaurants are horribly over lit and look at this burger its over cooked and the fries seem synthetic and the employees are all about to die from embarrassment at any second—I swear I’m never going back there. Thank goodness no one saw me go in.
We all need to be able to wrestle with the way advertising effects us. Satire and contemporary comedy wrestles with these issues. If we are going to be less prone to being controlled by advertising, we have to get a sense of humor.
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