How a Specific Event Shaped My Personality


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The beginning:
How a Specific Event Shaped My Personality
It is difficult to recall certain events in one’s youth. Memory plays tricks on you. Time forces everything to slowly fade away. And yet, even though one may not recall a specific event or memory, one is still changed because of it. In other words, the way we act and the way we think may have been greatly influenced by a moment that we can no longer remember. This is just one of the mysteries of the human mind. Fortunately, I am not forced into such mystery. The reason being, I remember one specific event that importantly and positively shaped my personality. I am able to confidently state that being forced to write and perform a speech in grade six changed my personality, from a shy, reserved...
The end:
.....ocus on how my speech was a success. The success of the speech gave me confidence and changed my personality. I will also mention that the reason I gained confidence through success was because I realized that I could write well, and that I had good ideas. Generally, this section will offer the analysis of the situation presented in point one.
The conclusion will start of, of course, by restating my thesis. After the thesis has been restated, I will re-visit my argument. I will remind the reader about the specific event (writing the speech) and how it changed my personality (I realized I could have success communicating with people). Finally, I will end with a general statement on my personality being changed by a specific event.