Hotel Security: From the Ground Up


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The beginning:
Hotel Security: From the Ground Up
The following are recommendations for the security of the new Gowtu Hotel from the approval of construction plans to the day-to-day security measures to provide safety for guests and employees:
     First, since 9/11 New York City has new and stringent construction regulations that will improve access to exist, whether stairways or elevators, in case of emergencies. I have personally checked the blueprints and approved certain changes for security purposes: “An additional (third) exit stairway…An increase of 50% in the width of exit stairways…Fire service access elevator lobby sizes that are a minimum of 150 square feet in area with sides at least 8 feet long…Approved radio coverage for all buildings for...
The end:
.....a e-mail, by cellular phone, visually on screen, or audibly through an alarm relay” (Elliot, 2006, p. 40).
     I trust these three step- from ground breaking to day to day operations will convince you that security is not a 9-5, but a 24/7 task and that no expense should be spared to safeguard the hotel, its guests and its employees.
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